Gerard Flynn

The INCREDIBLE entrepreneur, family man and legend Gerard Flynn, 3 biggest takeaways in BTL 📝


✅ “I came looking for Abs. I soon realised this isn’t an 8 week gimic”

✅ “It’s a maintainable lifestyle shift for the long term, with a change in your overall physical and mental habits.”

✅ “Anyone can achieve this when you buy into the Built To Last ethos and cut the excuses!”

✅ “You loose the im ‘on it or off it’. You’re just “on it” in a realistic framework where you can still live a good life, be a Dad, run a business, go out and be social! 

✅ “It’s not about being shredded or chasing “The End”. There is no end, it’s a continuous journey of overall lifetime health and fitness.”


✅ “Having someone to check in with and keep you honest.”

✅ “Having a peer group to keep you striving, pushing and seeing what is possible.“

✅ “Removing the excuses of Work, Kids, Life, Business etc. The sessions are scheduled. Don’t do yourself the injustice of changing them for something else.”


✅ “No one wants to feel like shit! You’ll feel better on the inside, even more so than the outside when you get into it.”

✅ “Being consistent, disciplined and showing up regularly in the gym – translates to all relationships, partners, family, kids, business. It’s an echo affect across all areas of your life.”

✅ “The impact on Your Kids and their habits by them seeing you healthy and happy existence is priceless.”

✅ “Knowing WHY you are doing it! Mine is to live a long term both mentally and physical healthy existence, live longer and live happy. How the process happens will change as I go but the Why and the end Goal will always be the same.”

✅ “I don’t do excuses. If I hit a wall/excuse I physically ask myself out loud “is this the person I want to be?” and get back inline.”

✅ “YOU ARE IMPORTANT! In business terms the ROI is 10 fold forever! This is better than any investment you will find on the open market.”

✅ “Get after it – the Built To Last framework is there if you put in the graft, you’ll change your life for ever!”

✅ “It’s a potential life extension!”