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David Myers dropped 32 pounds of fat

David Myers

Global business owner & world renowned chef David drops 32lbs of fat whilst in full LA lockdown. “This incredible journey...
Matt Clover Muscle Body

Matt Clover

Matt nearly 50 years old, multiple businesses, beautiful family – goes from fit & ‘okay’ to simply exceptional… Having started...
Alan Craner Transformation

Alan Craner

Alan, multiple business owner, married and father of 2… “I’ve owned my own business for just over 12 years. My...
Stephen Campbell Body Transformation

Stephen Campbell

“The Shredded Scotsman Stephen” father of 2, works all hours and zero excuses… “Before working with Kirk and joining Built...
Steven Govier Body Transformation

Steven Govier

‘’After years of Yo Yo dieting I was introduced to Kirk and told he would “sort me out”! At First...

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“Kirk Miller has been on the cover of Men’s Fitness more times than any other man, and at the top of the fitness model game for more than a decade. And a reason his physique remains the envy of the industry an an inspiration to men everywhere is the constantly evolving approach he takes not only to training and eating but to every aspect of his life.” – Men’s Fitness

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You can build the body you’ve always aspired to have, and become the person you’ve always wanted to be. Kirk Miller is a body transformation coach like no other.

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In our journey through life, we are often met with a myriad of challenges that...
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