Alan Craner Transformation

Alan Craner

Alan, multiple business owner, married and father of 2…

“I’ve owned my own business for just over 12 years. My business has grown successfully over the years but as a consequence it has taken it’s toll on me physically/mentally. I was suffering from stress and was diagnosed as having depression/anxiety. I wasn’t in a good place and needed to make some serious lifestyle changes.

After some research to find a trainer , I came across Kirk and was instantly blown away by his enthusiasm, knowledge and most importantly for me was his genuine willingness to help me.

He quickly gave structure to my training sessions, implemented a diet plan, and he gave me access to loads of online resources. He’s always on hand to answer any queries I have, whether it be with my technique, food or my general wellbeing.

His services go way beyond that of your average trainer, and I’m so grateful for the results I’ve seen with my training and, more importantly, for me my mental heath.

There are no quick fixes or magic pills but if you trust Kirk and put in the work, you will get the results you are looking for.

I couldn’t recommend Kirk enough to any fellow business owners who are looking to take their training and mindset to another level.”