Built To Last

You deserve to be in the best physical and mental shape of your life. Our Built to Last programme will make sure you get there – and give you unwavering self-confidence and energy to match.

From the start, you’ll gain a complete understanding of practical issues like food and lifestyle management. This means that once you get there, you’ll be equipped with the tools and knowledge to stay there.

Built To Last

You deserve to be in the best physical and mental shape of your life. Our Built to Last programme will make sure you get there – and give you unwavering self-confidence and energy to match.

From the start, you’ll gain a complete understanding of practical issues like food and lifestyle management. This means that once you get there, you’ll be equipped with the tools and knowledge to stay there.

Transformations / Testimonials

Arpan Dass - Best shape of my life

Arpan Daas

I started training with Kirk in February 2020. I’ve been training since I was 18, and I’d put on a...
Aaron Emery - Stay in great shape

Aaron Emery

Meet Aaron, works over 60 hours per week & property developer‘’ When I reached out to Kirk I was lacking...
Martin Kottmeier Better Body

Martin Kottmeier

Sensational work from International client, DJ & legend Martin Kottmeier… “Before reaching out to Kirk I was without a doubt...
Lee Brooks life changing experience

Lee Brooks

“I first reached out to Kirk at the beginning of this year after seeing one of his 6 month BTL...
Cory Elliot, a muchhappier person

Cory Elliot

Meet Cory from Texas, over 25lbs down & now a f#cking machine. “Before I reached out to Kirk I lived...

Programme Details

How we do this

We believe in a constant state of improvement and week-on-week development, offering you full support throughout and accountability which is second to none. With Built To Last, you can be the person you’ve always been capable of, and build the body you’ve always aspired to have.

Your Custom-Built Plan

You’ll be given a personal training plan delivered through our own coaching app. We guarantee programme clarity from the start by clearly defining all of your daily tasks which range from your habits, movement, workouts, to nutrition guidelines. You will never be left guessing and will always know what you have to do. Your rock-solid plan will give you clear structure on a daily, weekly, and monthly daily basis. No doubt, no hesitation – you’ll always be in control.

Your Nutrition Needs

Part of your plan will include detailed meal-planning and nutrition recommendations but more importantly help you gain full emotional control with your food. You will never be in doubt as to what to eat. And as part of your membership, our Recipe Lab will ensure you maintain a diverse, exciting and still super-healthy diet, delivering maximum benefits to your daily performance. Within our team, there are world-class nutritionists to help set key nutrition goals, and educate you, helping you control food intake expertly.

Your Private Members Lab

In our Private Members Lab, you’ll gain a complete education on everything from mindset management, optimising training, nutrition fundamentals, and a total perspective on how to live with social balance while building up your body and protecting your health. You’ll thrive with our Progress and Performance Division and enjoy clear, instructive, targeted techniques and methods to optimise performance. We provide the insight you need, when you need it.

Your Built To Last Community

Through our inner-circle Facebook group, you’ll connect with like-minded peak performers from all around the world. By driving each other forward and pushing each other to your limits, you’ll prosper and continually raise standards. We also hold weekly sessions on key issues like mindset, food, and so much more, that will galvanise your self-belief and ensure you have the means and motivation to continually grow and develop. And to fully support you, we bring in world-class speakers on many topics, offering that extra ounce of inspiration to get you where you need to go.

Transformations / Testimonials

Sina Haghighat - Best shape of my life

Sina Haghighat

“For years I had been trying to get into shape but lacked the consistency, knowledge and drive. My body shape...
James Morgan fitness & health forever

James Morgan

Meet James, aged 39, a relentless business owner from London, working 60-70 hours per week, proud husband & fatherto 2...
Raheel Mahlik - Built To Last

Raheel Mahlik

When Raheel, founder of one London’s leading dentist Academies came to me the task was very clear. ‘Rarely you meet...
Scott Simpson - mindset sessions

Scott Simpson

This is incredible client & business owner Scott explaining how current progress goes far beyond looking good… “What attracted me...
Dylan Silhavy Healthier Lifestyle

Dylan Silhavy

“I think everyone has a “image” they depict of themselves but simply do not know how to get there. That...

Get access to World Class Expertise

Every single element of your transformation will be carefully planned and delivered with precision and knowledge. With our Built To Last Programme, you’ll gain access to a full range of expert trainings on essential issues like nutrition, mindset, movement, sleep, breathing, and more.

Health Experts
Chris Lowe

Nutrition Specialist

Patrick McKeown - Breathing Specialist
Patrick McKeown

Breathing Specialist

Brian O’Loughlin

Movement Specialist

Nick Littlehales - Sleep Specialist
Nick Littlehales

Sleep Specialist

Start your
Transformation here

If you have the desire to change, and the commitment and determination to build the body you’ve always aspired to have, Complete our application form at the link below. To get the best results for you, our programme will demand the best from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the programme delivered?

It’s 100% online. So you can implement your plan, access all resources and private Facebook community from anywhere in the world. All you need is dumbbells with a decent weight range, and you will be able to train independently from your home or preferred gym.

Within your own personal profile in the coaching app, you will have in-depth video demonstrations for all exercises, and links to all workout demos by me so you get the most out of every workout.

Will I get one to one with Kirk?

Yes, through the private coaching app communication, the multiple weekly zooms, and there is the option to have access to Kirk’s personal WhatsApp number if you prefer this medium for instant messaging and voice notes.

Alongside Kirk, there will be a world class coaching team and expert speakers that will play a collective role in helping you hit your goals.

How long does the programme last?

As long as it takes, to take you from where you are, to where you want to be. The Built To Last programme is a minimum 52 week commitment though – anything less will not deliver life changing results you can sustain.

The more commitment you demonstrate in adhering to your plan and our advice, the faster you will see results.

How much does the programme cost?

It’s a premium life changing programme.

Investment packages range and kick off from £600 to around £12000 depending on your challenges, where you are & what you need. Once we get to the bottom of your problem, I can advise the best option from there.

How much time will I need to dedicate to the programme?

You must be able to commit to 3 workouts per week (minimum), alongside the weekly step targets we agree together.

With regards to food, we will advise on the most effective use of your time – whether that’s food shopping and prep yourself, outsourcing to a meal prep company or picking smartly on the go within your day.

Does the programme guarantee results?

While we can guarantee you will have all of the resources and support you need to transform your body, mind and lifestyle, we can’t eat the food and lift the weight for you – so naturally, the results you see will depend on your ability to implement instructions, your ability and willingness to train hard, and your ability to ask for help.

But one thing I can tell you with absolute certainty is that we transform the lives of hundreds of men every single year, dramatically improving their confidence, fitness, health and body, and we want to do the same for you.

We leave you with no excuses, and provided you action our instructions, you WILL achieve incredible results.