James Morgan fitness & health forever

James Morgan

Meet James, aged 39, a relentless business owner from London, working 60-70 hours per week, proud husband & fatherto 2 beautiful young children.

“After 20 years of training, I had enough of guessing how to get in truly great physical shape. With a little girl on the way & running an extremely busy business looking after hundreds of staff, I wanted to bullet proof my health & live with more energy once & for all.

I was lacking structure, which was starting to effect my daily productivity & stress levels.

This lack of control led to inconsistency & poor eating eating habits.

I had worked with previous trainers, but none who could match Kirks attention to detail from the start & clear direction with everything made sure I progressed no matter obstacles I was faced with.

He does whatever it takes to make sure you progress in a very unique way.

I now know how to stay in great shape & fit year round training from home, which gives me time to dedicate to my business & precious time with family socially.

Kirk is a master of his game & I would recommend him to any fellow business owners looking to maximize their physical potential & change your mentally with fitness & health forever.”