Raheel Mahlik - Built To Last

Raheel Mahlik

When Raheel, founder of one London’s leading dentist Academies came to me the task was very clear.

‘Rarely you meet people who have such a profound effect on your life, enter Kirk Miller!

I contacted Kirk for two main reasons, I wanted him to give me the body I long desired but also to teach me how to train correctly. This was important to me, Kirk listened and understood that.

Having the correct diet to suit my goals was always a frustration, Kirk took that away by educating me in nutrition and providing me with a diet plan that matched my goals!

The training and diet was tailored throughout and adapted as required. His methods fit your lifestyle.

The constant encouragement and motivation is unparalleled! I believe what sets Kirk apart is that he truly cares about you, your goals and the results you are after! My trust in Kirk paid off when i saw the results at the end of the programme!

My advice is to listen to what this man says, he truly is an expert and as long as you listen you will get the results you are after!

Not only is he my fitness coach and mentor but i also now have the pleasure of calling him a friend!’