Aaron Emery - Stay in great shape

Aaron Emery

Meet Aaron, works over 60 hours per week & property developer‘’

When I reached out to Kirk I was lacking confidence in how I looked & frustrated with the work I was putting in & notlooking how I wanted to in return. I couldn’t break out of bad habits inconsistent eating habits.

I could never figure out a structure where I could have treats & meals out & still build a great physique. I always lookedokay but never truly happy & began to accept that this was always going to be my best potential.

I’d seen other trainers in the past & the diet was so aggressive I couldn’t stick to it. They very rigid, where as Kirk was very charismatic, made me feel at ease & he truly understood me & goals. Kirk was always quick to respond to any questions& his straight talking support paved the way for me to take my body & mindset to that next level…he made me believe I could achieve it.

I now have the knowledge to stay in great shape & have a better relationship with food.

I couldn’t recommend Kirk to someone like myself enough. He walks the walk & makes you enjoy the process. Anyone who struggling to take their body to that next level, & can’t get over that hurdle Kirk is your man.’