Martin Kottmeier Better Body

Martin Kottmeier

Sensational work from International client, DJ & legend Martin Kottmeier…

“Before reaching out to Kirk I was without a doubt at the lowest point of my fitness, health & confidence levels. I couldn’t stand looking at photos of myself after performing shows & my energy was at an all time low.

When covid hit & touring was cancelled, a massive void in my life opened up, that I filled it with booze & whatever else to satisfy my emotional state.

Prior to this I had been in decent shape & thought I knew how dig myself out of this hole, but crash diet after crash diet & failed workout attempts left me worse then I was to begin with. That’s when I knew I needed some guidance to push me in the right direction. Kirk enters the chat…

When starting off with Kirk I was sitting at 203lbs & wanted to hit my target weight of 175, but had to be sustainable around my life style.

Learning how to control my emotional state has been the single most important tool I have picked up since working with Kirk & not only has it produced a better body& my target weight, but also created a ripple effect that applies to my business life & beyond.

I can’t wait to see what the future brings, with fatherhood around the corner. I now live with so much more energy than before & with confidence to negotiate any obstacles that might be in the way of my goals. Ultimately, I am most excited to share the best version of myself with the people I love the most.

If anyone has ever struggled to find a system that works or sick of bullshit yo-yodo diets that don’t work & want to get in shape once & for all, Kirk is your man. Notonly is he one of the most genuine good hearted people I know, he is the real deal.

Kirk, thank you so much for helping me on my journey to a better body but also impacting areas of my life I never knew needed changing.

Thank you