Sina Haghighat - Best shape of my life

Sina Haghighat

“For years I had been trying to get into shape but lacked the consistency, knowledge and drive. My body shape would yo-yo. I would make progress and then slip back to my old ways.

My confidence was at a low point and it was linked to my physical appearance. I kept dwelling on what I ‘used to be’ instead of focusing on who I ‘wanted to become’.

I needed to make a change in order to unleash my full potential and to show up as my true-self. That’s when I reached out to Kirk. I was drawn by his authenticity, passion and knowledge. I was certain that he could empower me to transform.

I told him that I wanted to ‘get into the best shape of my life’ and he did not doubt it for a second; highlighting the confidence he has in his abilities and expertise to deliver results.

Kirk’s coaching is world class and his attention to detail is unquestionable. He has educated me on nutrition and has helped me master my form for all of the exercises. He has also proven that you do not need to ‘starve yourself’ in order to get into shape. I’m now eating around 1000 calories more than when I first started!

He has helped me establish habits to make this a sustainable lifestyle rather than a quick fix solution. The habits have also helped build a stronger mindset which is key.

Over the last few months, the people I have interacted with have noticed the positive impact he has had on me.

My confidence has definitely increased along with my productivity and creativity levels, whilst stress levels have decreased. This mindset has enabled me to start new ventures that I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to start before.

Now I’m in the best shape of my life and I can’t express enough gratitude towards Kirk. This transformation has been game-changing! If you want to go to the next level, I couldn’t recommend a better person to work with.”