Stephen Campbell Body Transformation

Stephen Campbell

“The Shredded Scotsman Stephen” father of 2, works all hours and zero excuses…

“Before working with Kirk and joining Built to Last I just didn’t understand what was required to achieve the results I wanted to achieve.

Over a period of time this led to me being disappointed with the lack of progress I was making from the effort I was putting in.

When we started working together we analysed where I’d been going wrong.

From all the content in the community, world class trainings from the coaching team, specialists speakers covering topics like sleep, movement and weekly Exhale Pilates, this all combined really helped me progress week on week…building solid, sustainable habits.

Physically I’m really pleased but mentally I feel really grounded, a lot more confident and I live with a lot more energy.

My family and career aspirations have all benefited massively from this.

If you are a high achiever but you’re not performing optimally and not living with the confidence and energy you want to, I encourage you to join the Built to Last community.

As long as you’re willing to put in the work, transformation is inevitable.”