Arpan Dass - Best shape of my life

Arpan Daas

I started training with Kirk in February 2020. I’ve been training since I was 18, and I’d put on a fair bit of muscle over that time but was just nowhere near thecondition I wanted to be in.

I thought I was doing everything right…training 5 days a week, eating what I thought was healthy, protein shakes and avoiding cardio cos I thought it would lose me gains.

I had been following Kirk on socials for a while and saw he was looking for new clients so I took the plunge. 2 weeks in, just as I was starting to show some sign of getting leaner lockdown hit. Gyms closed, I was gutted.

At the same time my work as a doctor got really tough, long shifts, more nights, sicker patients. Felt like every obstacle was against me. I was this close to quitting, but Kirk quickly messaged us “what kit have you got, and what can you get hold of, we’ll make it work”.

Got hold of a couple dumbbells and made the sessions work from my front room. Over time refined my diet massively, increased my daily steps and even started running.

Simply put – my self awareness, knowledge and standards have gone to a completely different level.

18 months later (10 of those without any gym access) I’m in the best shape of my life, stronger than I’ve ever been in bench, deadlift and squats, and simply couldn’tbelieve the progress photos.

I am now ready to up the calories and get in superhero shape!

With Kirk, his team and the Built To Last community there are no limits!’