Luke Bland - nutrition help and mindset training

Luke Bland

Incredible progress from business & family man Luke, who’s dropped 32lbs in a matter of months…

‘I originally reached out to kirk back in January After years of following him on social media and seeing his amazing work that he archives himself and with his clients. Feeling sluggish, unfit, low on energy and struggling to get motivated I decided it was time to fully commit to changing my lifestyle for the better.

I’ve trained on and off the last 15 years but have never been able to consistently stick it.

Kirk changed all that with his unbelievable training sessions, nutrition help and mindset training he has been there every step of the way and is always just one message away from the piece of advise or kick up the ass I’ve needed.

I’ve lost 32lb in 14 weeks, feel stronger than ever, wake up at 5am every day to train and live life with limitless energy.

We are only just getting started as he constantly has me setting targets/goals for the future and I cant wait to see where we are going to end up.

I would recommend absolutely anyone to get on board with kirk as it really has changed my lifestyle.

Best investment I’ve made is kirk miller.

No bullshit, always there and genuinely decent bloke who truly wants his clients to do well’