Dylan Silhavy Healthier Lifestyle

Dylan Silhavy

“I think everyone has a “image” they depict of themselves but simply do not know how to get there. That is why I reached out to Kirk.

At the time I was the heaviest I had ever been. Bad relationships, starting a business, and fathering a 2-year-old, all contributed to the excuse I had to let myself go.

I was accustomed to the yo-yo diet lifestyle for years. Kirk taught me how to manage foods properly, eat more than I ever have, and stay as lean as I want to be year around!

The biggest takeaways are Kirks work ethic, communication, and professionalism. Even though I live in the United Statesand we are on a 6-hour time difference, we never missed a beat. Any questions or concerns I had, Kirk was always prompt and most importantly confident and to the point in his responses.

Unfortunately, I think we are programmed for a “6 weeks to shred” mentality, but typically that is never the case!In our process Kirk rehabbed my metabolism, showed me how to train efficiently, and now I over 24lbs down, have a healthier lifestyle, body, and mind.

Thanks Kirk!”