Matt Webb Fit Body

Matt Webb

Meet Matt, business machine from New York working over 60 hours per week, goes from good shape to great shape,ready for his wedding…

‘’I first heard about Kirk from my friend who told me how professional Kirk was at the same time as being approachable &down-to-earth, despite his success. I could tell he was incredibly disciplined but valued a balanced life.

From the start, Kirk made me realise that to get & stay in awesome shape is down to more than just getting your sessions in. Your food, your sleep, & managing stress are all just as important, if not more. Kirk’s workout plans keep things challenging & interesting. He takes a lot of time to tailor them to what you really need, along with food requirements too.

He is always there to support you & help with any challenges you face. That last part was particularly helpful for me when I needed to change my routine to balance work, personal life, & the gym.

During this time I was getting married too so wanted to be in the best possible shape of my life. With a lot of other things going on, Kirk helped me optimize the time spent in the gym, manage stress & food to reach my target!

Overall Kirk has helped me learn & practice a sustainable way of getting & staying in great shape.

He has been an immense source of inspiration, expertise & support. I would recommend him without hesitation to those looking to change the way they look & feel in a way that looks to get the best from every part of life.

I’m so glad I met him.

Thank you Kirk, let’s keep smashing it!’