Robert Craig - Best Body Shape

Robert Craig

“I had paid multiple London PT’s 1000s to get in shape, but couldn’t keep the fat off.

I had been following Kirk on Instagram for some time before I eventually reached out & asked him for his help. I can genuinely say it was one of the best decisions of my life.

From the initial call, Kirk drilled into every aspect of my life from diet, habits, socials, family – so he could build a real picture of why I was unhappy & how he could really add value. Kirk has a unique knack of getting beneath the bonnet & finding the real source of problems. He cuts out the BS & tells you straight which is what I needed to hear.

After setting out a clear plan we consistently monitored progress closely. Communication & support were excellent. There was never a time when I felt like I was pestering Kirk or asking too many questions. Yes, there were times when I fell off the wagon but Kirk immediately helped me identify those triggers & got straight back on.

Kirks industry knowledge is second to none. He has meticulous about form & technique, has a deep understanding of nutrition & how this affects performance in everyday life.

For the first time, Kirk has brought me to a stage in my life where I feel confident with my body. I’m in the best shape of mylife physically & mentally. Kirk has installed the motivation & desire to help me sustain these results for life.

If you stick with the process its impossible to fail.”