Lee Brooks life changing experience

Lee Brooks

“I first reached out to Kirk at the beginning of this year after seeing one of his 6 month BTL client transformations. I hadjust had my 41st Birthday, and needed to make the change dramatically for both my physical and mental well being.

Throughout my life I have always had a great love for food (takeouts/processed) and never done any physical training atall. I also suffer from a couple of chronic illnesses, and knew that I had to make the difference to all aspects of health.

I just needed the right person to help me and take time to invest in me. Here I am 6 months later.

When initially signing up with Kirk and his team, I wanted to be mentally in a better place with my body following me.Setting goals and sticking to them, I am now achieving things I could never ever of done without the help of thisprogramme.

I feel like when I was 18. I have so much more energy, make the right food choices and less stressed.

My knowledge on everything from food, training and true organisation has been a huge take away too.

It is a life changing experience, one which I was so happy to sign up to. You get so much more than just training. Kirk, histeam and the clients are incredible, and inspire you on a daily basis.

You cannot fail just win. Tick off what they set you, and results will follow.

I cannot thank this programme enough for what it has done for me mentally, physically but also everyone I love…Influencing family, friends and those around me.

I am just so happy for the future and will continue to be a healthier, happier and a more confident Lee.

This is an amazing program me and anyone who is wanting to make the different to their own body and mind get on board with the Built To Last.”