Scott Simpson - mindset sessions

Scott Simpson

This is incredible client & business owner Scott explaining how current progress goes far beyond looking good…

“What attracted me to Kirk was his high focus on creating a solid mindset & that he specialises in business owners. I have my own business, & that gives me a lot of free time. But over the years I became too comfortable with being comfortable & knew I needed to change that. I had no structure to my days.

Fast forward from January to now, & I am a completely different person in every aspect of life;

Business: I’ve never been so focused with work (it’s like the old days when I first started it) the hunger is back for it and its paid off with new contracts from customers.

Nutrition: Completely cleaned up my food and water intake, & never felt better for it!

Fitness: I now have structure to my workouts, instead of going through the motions.

Energy: I was lacking energy before, most likely from no daily structure and poor nutrition. That has totally changed now!

Family life: Couldn’t be better!

Mindset: I now wake up every morning with gratitude, energy, focus and excitement for getting things ticked off throughout the day. Constantly thinking about how I can grow as a partner, a father, a business owner & a human being.

I will continue to work with Kirk as he is continually trying to better himself, to better his clients. It’s made such a difference having someone like Kirk in my corner & having him to lean on for anything.

His attention to detail with everything is world class. The amount of thought, time & effort he puts into the workouts are incredible. For me though, the mindset sessions are where real change happens, and they have been life changing.

Kirk is straight talking, no bullshit, & will tell you how it is. That’s exactly how it should be!

Kirk is by far one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. Could not recommend him enough!”