Harmeet Grewal

The incredible Dentist, Husband, and father of 2, Harmeet…

‘I could write an essay on what this program and Kirk has done for me!!

I had never been happy with how I looked physically, but it got to a point that it started to not just affect my perception of myself and confidence, but also my energy.

A change needed to be made for me but also for my family. I want to be a positive role model for them and those around me.

This program has taught be so much about how to get and stay fit. How to fuel my body but also how to strengthen my mind. The focus and energy I have now at 36 years of age is better than I have ever had.

The knowledge Kirk brings to the table but also the knowledge he brings in from experts in other fields has helped me grow. I feel I understand what it truly means to be healthy not just look good. I understand what it takes to stay this way but in a way that hasn’t sucked the fun out of life or become a bore.

The support from Kirk and his team has been exceptional as well as the online community. I have never felt alone or embarrassed to reach out for help or advice.

Absolute fantastic program and Kirk is a truly great professional and person.’