Harbinder Sandhu - Health and Fitness

Harbinder Sandhu

I have always had a love for health and fitness, but hit a point in my life where I lost motivation and to be honest struggled to fit in any exercise due to a busy work schedule. I slowly stopped going to exercises classes and running. I started to feel more lethargic, noticed clothes were getting tighter and actually realized I was feeling bored with the thought of re-joining my original exercise plan.

Instead of giving up on exercise or being active I started to decided to look for a trainer, that could teach me, guide me and give me some structure.

When I first met Kirk, he spoke about the massive benefits of resistance training. This was something I had never previously taken an interest in with the fear of becoming to “bulky” or “looking like a man.” My worries were soon gone, and within a couple of months I was seeing great changes with body shape.

The most important learning in the gym with Kirk has been, how to lift weights correctly, focusing on posture and movement, isolating muscles and gaining confidence in using a huge range of machines as well as free weights.

In addition to weight lifting Kirk has taught me the importance of fuelling the body correctly to get stronger and leaner! Giving me food plans which has taken into account my likes and dislikes and daily life demands. The food plans are simple and easy to follow.

My biggest achievements apart from feeling great both physically and mentally, and having more confidence is that I have adopted a sustainable lifestyle change. This includes food prepping and fitting in the gym around a very busy workload.

I can only thank Kirk for pushing me beyond my limits in the gym, for showing me that consistency and hard work pays off.