Luke Hawes Better Body

Luke Hawes

“I initially reached out to Kirk because I wanted to improve my overall health & create a body I was proud of. I’d continuously gone up/down with my weight over the years & struggled to maintain consistency with my diet & training.

My stress levels were high from work pressures which led me to eat rubbish & always find excuses not to train. It got to apoint where if I didn’t change my ways imminently, it would cause other negative impacts on my life.

After many years of following Kirk on social media, I knew he consistently produced solid results from seeing his client transformations.

From the 1st call, I could hear how passionate Kirk was to help me achieve my goals, & from the moment of joining the #builtolast programme, I was blown away by the content Kirk provides from day one.

Since working together (approx. six months), I have dropped around 12kg in body fat while eating more than I ever have done. My day to day energy levels are consistent, with no more feeling sluggish. I look forward to training because I’ve been shown the right technique to get the most out of every session, & it doesn’t take hours out of my day.

The process is broken down into the fundamentals needed, nothing more, nothing less. Kirk keeps things simple, so you ENJOY the process!

Kirk has not only shown me how to build a better body but more importantly, maintain it.

I couldn’t recommend Kirk enough – his guidance & support throughout the process; not only with my fitness has been life-changing. If you have always struggled to get the results you want then reach out to Kirk now.”