Matt Clover Muscle Body

Matt Clover

Matt nearly 50 years old, multiple businesses, beautiful family – goes from fit & ‘okay’ to simply exceptional…

Having started with minimal kit & serious back pain to start with, this is up there with my favourite transformations to date:

“Essentially, I was doing ok. My businesses were doing ok & I was pretty fit.

However, I was simply coasting through life & had a nagging feeling that I could be doing a lot better.

Kirk helped me develop a mindset which was not satisfied with “ok”.

I now want to excel in everything I do.

I had struggled with chronic back pain for about 20 years.

I had seen chiropractors, physiotherapists & osteopaths. They had relieved the symptoms but never really got to the cause of the problem.

Kirk identified the problem immediately – my weak posterior chain – & developed a training plan to strengthen my back and hamstrings.

Within 3 months, I was pain-free. Completely. No more having to tell the children “careful – mind my back”.

I am stronger mentally, physically & have a new zest for life. I love challenges now and rather than avoiding them, I meet them head on & find ways of overcoming them.

Kirk is a fantastic coach, offering so much more than just fitness workouts.

I have learned loads about nutrition, sleep & breathing from some fantastic speakers who deliver trainings inside the program.

I would recommend Kirk to anyone who wants to take their life to another level.

His brand of coaching is particularly suited to business owners or people who already have achieved success in their lives.

He makes it easy to improve your physical & mental strength alongside the day to day demands of running a successful business.”