Adam Smith

“When first reaching out to Kirk I was really struggling to get back into serious shape.

I have trained and been in good shape on and off, for over 20 years, but just couldn’t get going again after the birth of my daughter.

I had a lot of work commitments, extra pressures, as well as sleepless nights with a new born, and training just took a back sit.

I had a very all or nothing mentality back then, so if it wasn’t going to be perfect then it wasn’t going to be at all – the weight piled on as I over ate and drank, due to not training.

I was at my heaviest (15 stone 10lbs) and felt horrendous!😑

I am now so happy – fitter and stronger then I’ve ever been.

At 12st 9lbs, I am the lowest weight I have been since starting training at 15 years old. 💪🏻

I now have way more energy, and my mindset has never been stronger when it comes to training and eating well.

The full body workouts he creates are immense, so if you do miss the odd day, it’s okay because they cover everything. You never have to be perfect to progress.

My business is growing all the time and my family life is great, because I want to do more. I am far more present in everything I do with them.

I love a drink and nice food…but Kirk and his team have taught me how I can still do that, have fun and still stay in great shape, which is so important to me.

Next year I know I am going to keep growing from strength to strength with what I have learnt – with health, in business, and with family life.

I would recommend Kirk to everyone, but especially business owners age 40 plus with extra work/family commitments.

The community he has built in BTL group are a phenomenal crowd of high achievers who really want to push forward, and be the best versions of themselves.

Everyone pushes each other on and it’s fantastic to be around really inspiring people. We all have something different to learn from each other.”