Ian Wright

‘‘Before I joined ‘Built To Last’ I did exercise, I could cook ,and I didn’t eat fast food. However, after a series of family bereavements I thought things couldn’t get much worse, then Covid hit…⁠

Overnight my structure of exercise stopped because I never exercised at home, and I became sluggish, over-weight, with Doctors trying to put me on tablets. My flexibility went and I knew something had to change.⁠

One night I was listening to Talksport with @andygoldstein05 and @jason_cundy05 interviewing @kirkmiller_ about his ‘Built to Last’ program. The way Kirk spoke made me listen and with Andy Goldstein saying “you don’t need to go to a gym for it to work” as he himself was doing it, made me contact Kirk.⁠

With access to vast Information via his coaches, nutritionists and other experts in their fields, Kirk has developed a training program and a diet which catered to my needs.⁠

I say ‘diet’ but was eating more food than I thought. It wasn’t a fad 8/12 beach cosmetic diet but a lifestyle change. I could socialise and eat in restaurants with the new knowledge I learnt.⁠

You have clear structure with exercise via a private app, allowing you to train at home or in a gym, coupled with myfitnesspal to track your food.⁠

I noticed the change straight away and I lost weight, gained muscles, increased strength and fitness.⁠

My mindset is completely different.⁠

I’ve been introduced to the ‘Built To Last’ network of business leaders and professionals from all over the world, with all the benefits that brings too.⁠

I always say to Kirk “You saved my life”, which sounds dramatic but really through him and his teams help, I’m achieving more in my life and 2023 looks to be very busy with new projects and work.⁠

The second photograph is a work in progress as I haven’t stopped, and want to improve even more.⁠

If you want to get in the shape of your life and meet some great people, age is no barrier (I am 57)…contact Kirk Miller.⁠

You won’t regret it and it will change your life.”