James Marks

“Before I joined Kirk’s ‘Built To Last’ program, I had been experimenting with various trainers and their routines for quite some time.⁠

I reached out to Kirk seeking advice on improving my performance, and that’s when he introduced me to an entirely new approach to training.⁠

His insights and guidance opened my eyes to a new world of training techniques I hadn’t been exposed to before.⁠

The results I achieved through this new approach have been remarkable.⁠

It was the breakthrough I needed to overcome my struggles and take my fitness journey to the next level.⁠

Initially, I had some reservations about Kirk’s training methods and exercises. However, after just one week of following the program, I experienced a significant shift in my perspective.⁠

Kirk’s approach was like a breath of fresh air compared to my previous training methods. This newfound clarity and commitment made all the difference for me.⁠

Kirk and my coach, David, have been instrumental in guiding me not only in terms of training but also in nutrition.⁠

Throughout this journey, David has been a consistent source of support and guidance. His unwavering assistance has played a pivotal role in my progress.⁠

Thanks to Kirk’s system, I am no longer spinning my wheels and making no headway. The results I’ve achieved have not only transformed my physical fitness but also positively impacted my overall mindset and quality of life.⁠

I’m now more confident and driven, and this newfound energy has benefited my personal life, my business and family relationships. Kirk’s program has been a game-changer in multiple facets of my life.⁠

I’m eagerly looking forward to the next phase of the program and the exciting journey it will lead me on. I’m enthusiastic to see where this continued dedication and training will take me.⁠

I recommend Kirk’s program to anyone seeking world-class guidance on physical and health change.⁠

Thank you, Kirk, David and the Built-for-last Team, for everything you’ve done for me.”⁠