David Myers dropped 32 pounds of fat

David Myers

Global business owner & world renowned chef David drops 32lbs of fat whilst in full LA lockdown.

“This incredible journey with kirk began during the craziest period In my life, Covid lockdown.

I decided early on to set out 3 big goals for myself that I can control & achieve during this period.

As life was very uncertain, I knew at the very least I could control this. One of my big goals was to get in the best shape of my life which meant I wanted a six pack & I wanted to be strongest & fittest I have ever been.

I dropped 32 pounds of fat, got stronger & leaner than ever before, & finally got the coveted six pack. In addition, I never felt healthier.

What was most impressive about this feat was not so much the end result, as it was the experience & journey during it.

His constant guidance, follow up, & motivation was critical to get through the little ups & downs that occurred during the journey. He was all in, all the time.

Kirk became a life mentor, guiding me on a path of productivity & gratitude as well. Gaining focus & appreciation for my hectic life along with a six pack is priceless.

If you are serious about being the best version of yourself, then Kirk is the coach for you. If you are in his hands, you cannot & will not fail.”