Mustafa Sener is optimising his health in his 50's

Mustafa Sener

Mustafa Sener is a global business leader from Germany, married with 2 beautiful children.⁠

He has always been motivated…⁠

Has always been disciplined…⁠

He just didn’t know how to optimise his training, eating or lifestyle management around his personal and professional commitments.

“I have always valued health and loved exercise, but after 20 years plus travelling around the world growing business, it progressively became more of a challenge knowing how to eat, train and move with a crazy work and travel schedule.⁠

As a by-product of this, I was carrying more weight than I wanted to, my recoveries took longer and I was experiencing persistent lower back issues.⁠

More importantly, I knew with expert guidance I could take my naturally high energy, focus and decision making in business, to a completely different level…⁠

Plus, be an even greater leader to my team, be a role model for my children’s health and enjoy much more my time with my wife, family and friends.⁠

Everything about Kirk, his Built To Last team, programme and community is world-class. ⁠

I love attention to detail, and what Kirk delivers is exactly that. ⁠

I am on a plane and in hotels number of weeks with business, but I now have the awareness and 100% certainty of how to train, eat and look after myself – irrelevant of circumstances out of my control. ⁠

I am 50 in 2 days time but have never been stronger, or felt better in my life.⁠

My back problems are no longer. ⁠

I will be forever grateful. ⁠

If you want to enhance your physical shape, confidence and energy for life, Kirk is the man without a doubt, to make this happen.”