Dean Papadopoullos

‘I’ve never been overweight & have always valued my health & enjoyed exercise, but for most of adult life, I struggled with a back injury that stopped me from playing football aged of 25 & didn’t allow me to exercise properly without the worry of doing more damage.

After seeing countless physios & specialists, I didn’t know what to do.

It was really starting to affect my mental health, so decided to reach out to Kirk.

My initial phone call was intense, in a good way. He wanted to understand ME, & didn’t waste time getting to the point.

After the call, I felt energised & bizarrely confident that this guy, who I had never met, was going to fix me.

Because of my history, we started with baby steps. I mean literally sitting up & down on a chair, with just body weight.

I’m no stranger to working out in a gym but the workouts Kirk provides are designed to attack your whole body & with intent.

This is where the magic happens. There is no change without effort, something that Kirk preaches – to train with intensity.

Within 3 months my physique had significantly changed. I was amazed. After 6 months, even more so.

The physical change is something I had always wanted, but the mental change more. Helping in all areas of my life – business, family and relationships.

I’ve learnt about diet, sleep, breathing techniques, staying consistent & habit forming to name a few. I live with more energy & confidence.

The events that Kirk arranges for the community are excellent. Meeting like-minded people who share the same values & listening to speakers like David Smith MBE be is humbling.

I cannot recommend Kirk highly enough & the team around him. He is a man who is passionate about seeing growth; mentally & physically – whilst harnessing the best out of you with his direct, no-nonsense approach.

Everything about Kirk & his Built To Last team, programme & community is world-class. ⁠

I can honestly say that I’m in the best shape of my life.

If you want to get in the best shape of your life – with more energy and confidence, speak to Kirk.

If he can’t help you, then I believe nobody can.’