John Brown

“I am really proud to say that with my 50th birthday just six months away, I’ve achieved a pretty incredible body transformation that if I’m honest, even I didn’t think I’d ever get to.

A year ago, I took up my first global sales leadership role, which I had to step up my game for, and I knew the significant workload that was gonna come with that.

I knew I had to be healthier physically, emotionally, and mentally.

I wanted to be fitter and stronger, and the most important for me was to be more present as a dad and as a husband.

I thought that my nutrition was fairly on point, but it wasn’t.

I was making heaps of excuses for not working out, and I know now that I can push myself way harder and achieve more than I ever thought I could.

Built To Last is life changing, and with the community by your side, you cannot fail”