Cal Malin dropped a massive 16kg body fat

Cal Malin

29 year old busy Project Manager Cal Malin

‘’Working with Kirk this past year has been so beneficial to me; not only in terms of physical results, but also mental resilience.

His ability to encourage and coach is unparalleled and knows exactly how to get the best out of you.

From day one, his knowledge and ability shone through – and in turn that allowed me to give him my total trust with apersonalised diet and training plan.

Whilst at the time I did not consider myself a novice lifter – the subtle tweaks and tips to my training really helped me upmy game and performance.

Working 12 hour night shifts at the time, Kirk helped keep me fuelled, focused and willing to enter the trenches in some grueling workouts – all whilst dropping a massive 16kg in body fat. Something I never thought possible.

Kirk was always approachable via WhatsApp, and he always found the time to respond to any queries or dramas I might have been going through.

Whatever your fitness goal may be, I would definitely recommend Kirk to guide you on your chosen path without hesitation.”