David Knight Training Hard

David Knight

Before I met Kirk, I’d always looked at personal training as a bit of a rip off having spent a lot of time in the gym watching disinterested trainers just making people run on the treadmill whilst they were on their mobile phone texting friends.

I felt that unless I could find a trainer who wanted to help me achieve my goals and showed an active interest in doing so then it wasn’t worth spending the money. Fortunately Kirk came highly recommended, and after my first session I was able to see why.

I love training hard and pushing myself to my limits and he not only helped me to push myself harder and to motivate myself even more than before, but he also gave good advice on lifestyle changes.

I can see why a lot of people recommend him, he is very knowledgeable and after only a short time I was achieving great results. I had a lot of positive comments from people who I worked with, and my overall health made significant improvement.

I would recommend Kirk to anyone-provided they are willing to put in the focus and dedication.