Darren Manning - Health really is wealth

Darren Manning

‘I was incredibly unhealthy when I started with Kirk, which was having a huge impact on my energy throughout my work days, and my mood with my family afterwards.

I had never picked up a weight either prior to kicking off with Kirk, but his attention to detail with technique gave me a lot of confidence very quickly.

With that came a lot of progress physically very quickly.

Everything from the plan, the education with food and the relentless support I receive from Kirk, his team and the community, has made getting in the best shape of my life as smooth as it could beat my age (late 40’s!)

My relationship has gone to another level due to have more energy, confidence andbeing in better mood.

I feel sharper with decisions in business. I have inspired my children to exercise more too, as I am now leading by example-this has biggest win without question.

I would recommend Kirk to any business owner who’s standards with their own health and physical appearance have dropped, due to prioritizing business for too long.

Health really is wealth, and with Kirks guidance you will soon gets yours to exactly where you want it to be!’