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Kirk helped me achieve my lifetime goal of getting a front cover….

Back in 2010, I started a fat loss transformation journey. Towards the end of my 50kg total loss journey, I was asked to feature in Mens Fitness, which was just an incredible honour and something I was incredibly excited about.

I had used a previous coach to help me prepare for this photo shoot, however he proved to be incredibly unprofessional and used unhealthy methods. 8 weeks out from the photo shoot, with still some progress to be made, I turned to Kirk. Kirk had been, and still is, a massive inspiration to me and someone I knew he could help me achieve the desired results I needed; to drop some more body fat while trying to add some good muscle.

For 8 weeks he designed my nutritional plan, exercise plan and was on the phone whenever I needed him. He was more than a coach for me, he turned into a truly great friend. Putting aside Kirks’ great knowledge and experience in the industry, he showed me a new level of training I wasn’t used to at the time. He motivated me in ways I could only have imagined and I’m proud to have worked with him to achieve my goal. To this day, 5 years on, I still haven’t had a PT train me as hard as Kirk has….. in a good way!

8 weeks went past very quickly and I achieved amazing results. I managed to add some muscle while still dropping body fat, and although my journey then had only really started, compared to where I am now (almost 5 years on), I achieved an 8 page feature in the UK Mens Fitness magazine-and I was also put on the front cover of the Australian edition of Mens Fitness.

I owe a lot to Kirk and I truly believe that if it wasn’t for his help, guidance-andultimately motivation and friendship-I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Kirk, “thank you” my friend. You literally helped change my life, and for that, I owe you alot.