Celene Connolly - Weight-lifting

Celene Connolly

I started training with Kirk in September 2014 after years of being a classic yo-yo dieter. Fed up of starving myself and doing hours of cardio only to fall off the wagon and binge eat/drink I decided it was time to take action and get some help from a professional. I didn’t want just a “standard” personal trainer; I wanted someone who actually walked the talk and could help me make some long-term changes.

I was pretty nervous going to my first session with Kirk but I knew straight away he was the right person; his technical knowledge of training and nutrition is amazing and he’s extremely focused on form over heavy weights. He also has an uncanny ability to read what is going on with your energy levels and endurance, and will adapt his approach from this point at each session. This immediately made me feel safe training with him and to take things at a pace I was comfortable with.

Over the last few years I’ve completely overhauled my diet and training with guidance from Kirk. I actually eat more food now than I did before and I do mainly weight-liftingin the gym. I even took a break from training in 2016 to have my son and after around 7months managed to get back into even better shape than before I was pregnant!

Kirk is big advocate of balance which has really helped me to maintain my motivation when juggling training with a busy job, family commitments and having a social life. Having a bit of flexibility has been key for me and I’m confident that I have the knowledge and capability now to get back on track whenever I need to. I feel both stronger and mentally tougher than I’ve ever felt in my life.

Thank you Kirk–I couldn’t have done it without you!