Paul Haggath

28lbs of fat down by the insane 45 year old multiple business owner Paul Haggath – husband of 22 years, with 4 beautiful daughters:

‘After years of following numerous workout routines and the latest “eating plans” I had almost given up hope that I could make a true body transformation.

I would buy every copy of the fitness magazines availabe, I would get some results but none that came close to what my ideal looked like in my head.

At the age of 41, I suffered a stroke which left me paralysed down my right side with loss of speech. Over time these came back and I was left with great anxiety and tiredness.

It was a year later after discovering a hole in the heart that the surgeons carried out a procedure with the aid of a device to close the hole.

I thought my days of training and ever reaching my ideal goals where gone.

I met with my Cardiologist in October 2021 and was told my heart was 100% and that I could train and lift and have no fear. This was exactly what i needed to hear.

I saw the work Kirk Miller was doing with businessmen like me, and I didn’t hesitate to reach out.

Right now, I have never been in better physical shape and can’t wait for where this journey takes me.

Working with Kirk and his team will be the safest investment you will ever make with your mindset, health and body.

Thank you Kirk’