Paul McHugh has lost over 40lbs!

Paul McHugh

“Frankly I owe him. I owe him for getting me into the best shape of my life. I owe him for allowing me to wear the same size clothes I wore back in University. I owe him for allowing me to feel like I’m 35 when I’m 55.

I reached out to Kirk for a tactical, short term goal – I wanted to see if I could drop 10 to 15 pounds in a few months, as at that time, we all thought the world was going to soon open up post-Covid, & I thought if I didn’t do it then, I’d never be able to do it once back in the office & travelling for work, etc.

In our first call I told him that was the objective & he basically said, “Bollocks” (“bullshit” for my North American friends).

He said “it’s a given that I’ll get you to drop 15 pounds in a few months, but you need a “why”, what’s your bigger why?” As we talked he teased out that the bigger “why” for me was my 5 boys…

They’ve always been the most important thing to me, & I wanted to show up a healthier role model for them as they become adults themselves.

I’m down 40+ pounds, & feel better than I’ve ever felt. I don’t need the body of Adonis, but I *do* need the happiness & the satisfaction that comes with showing up as your best self for those around you.

The program’s guidance on w/outs, nutrition, recovery…they are not something I “do” anymore, they are something I “am”.

I came to the program looking for a quick, tactical physical fix, & I stay for the longer term, strategic benefits that are more mental & emotional improvements that come along with being in better physical shape.

I stay for the BTL client group – a fantastic group of humans, a collective resource of ideas, inspiration, & are some of the funniest & most epic characters I’ve ever met.

On top of all this, Kirk & I have become great friends. I’d do almost anything for the guy, including allowing him to post cringe-worthy pics of me. 😀”