Nick Guck

“I’ve always been a highly driven individual in my career, but came to BTL lacking focus in my fitness goals following major surgery in the year. ⁠

I was in decent shape but needed to regain focus, identify clear goals and put in place some structure to achieve them. ⁠

Beyond the pure body transformation, like many entrepreneurs or business leaders I possessed the all or nothing mentality. ⁠

I wanted a plan that starts with health and fitness, but helped me manage my whole lifestyle…consistently. ⁠

I am so happy with the first focus, which was a fat loss phase and world class body composition. Now that this has been achieved, I will be maintaining a lean body composition, whilst switching to a more performance focus. ⁠

What BTL has given me is the winners mindset, being clear on my non-negotiables and my why, and raising my minimum standards. ⁠

BTL not only offers a blueprint to success, but gives access to a community of winners, leading by example, relentless in their approach and consistency….and of course world leading coaching and nutrition specialists.⁠

My results have brought me enormous benefits in both business and family life.”