Richard Porter

“Kirk and Built To Last came after spending so much time reaching as high as I could in my career but needed help with health, fitness, nutrition.

People I trust completely told me training with Kirk and BTL was, by far, the best recommendation they could offer.

I’m a clinical lead in a major London hospital. I’ve set up other business’, one being the UKs leading provider of post graduate education in health care.

I wanted to find the same level of expertise for my health, that I had brought to my surgical skills, and business’.

Kirk Miller was the answer.

My initial concerns were two.

That I wouldn’t be fit enough to be in BTL. Far from it, BTL gets you in incredible shape. It’s amazing community welcome new members, and pour energy into their own personal progress.

I was worried about sacrificing family, social or business commitments – but Kirks plan takes nothing away from your life. It adds to your life.

With everything structured into your own lifestyle, clear reminders for what to daily, there is no additional effort required.

I was never in terrible shape but carried weight I thought I was just stuck with, like I was made that way. Wrong!

I train just 4 hours per week, yet stronger, leaner than ever.

People perceive me differently. The reflection in the mirror affects us all if we’re honest, and I love having the physique Kirks training has given me.

My mindset change gives it lasting power. It’s who I am now.

The echo affects on business and family life are so positive I’ll struggle to capture it all.

The unbreakable mindset I bring to work, means my interactions are sharper, more energised and the outcomes reflect this.

I have 2 amazing sons. Children, it seems, listen to your words a little and copy your actions a lot. They both ask to train with me, and is the best experience I could imagine. It has improved their own sporting outcomes. They both made county sports teams and one now swims in the national development squad.

All the coaches are fantastic, and a truly massive thank you to them all.