5 ways to improve your mental health

There are so many things that can cause havoc to your mental health.⁣

Your upbringing, your job, money, business stress, relationship problems, family issues, your weight or how you view yourself in the mirror (I could go on)⁣.⁣

With every single one of these, you have a choice to do something about it and/or change the meaning you associate with it. ⁣

Some things will be in your control, and some things will not. ⁣

There is no judgement on anyone as I write this – as I have chose to suffer mentally with every single one of these at some point in my life. ⁣

One of the strongest forces in the human personality is the need to remain consistent with how we define ourselves.⁣

If you struggle with mental health then my heart goes out to those struggle mentally on a daily basis.⁣

But if you tell yourself on a daily basis you struggle mentally, this label you attach to yourself will become a primary force of your character and identity. ⁣

The comfortable thing is to keep telling yourself you can’t see a way out, like I did for so many years after failing as a footballer, and after countless others heart aches… it did not serve me in anyway way. ⁣

There are so many things you can do to help yourself.⁣

1. Focus your on energy on things that serve you⁣
2. Be around those with traits you love⁣
3. Speak nicer words to yourself⁣
4. Move your body more⁣
5. Simply take more action⁣

All of these will Instantly improve your emotional state.⁣

Whether you do or you don’t, life is going to continue either way.⁣

Acknowledge pain, but don’t choose to blame…or stay there. ⁣

The mind is everything.⁣

Use it as your greatest teacher and be willing to contemplate a stronger you.ou need to create the minimum amount of resistance as possible to enable success.

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