How I stay in shape with social balance

Your health has never been so important, but so is enjoying the food you put in your mouth.⁣

One of the reasons I have maintained low body fat and never really lacked motivation the past 20 years – is due to me relaxing with a more indulgent meal or 2 on a weekly basis. ⁣

The only reason you should ever struggle to fat whilst adopting this strategy is if you eat too much shit around your more relaxed meals out (or in at the minute of course)…and haven’t figured out a way to fix it yet. ⁣

A huge Sunday feed is one of my favourite times of the week, after working so hard & getting hard but efficient training in.⁣

I never want to give this up.⁣

So I haven’t. ⁣

If I did, I wouldn’t have been as consistent as I have for all these years.⁣

My rule is this. ⁣

Eat the foods that enjoy – but never at the expense of your health, well being and the body you want to live with.⁣

Your biggest feedback as to whether or not you have won the game with your food and lifestyle management, will always be how happy you are within your own skin, the conversations you have with yourself on a daily basis, and the control you have with all of your decisions.⁣

If there is one thing I am the best in the world at, it’s helping clients get in the best shape of their lives in a sustainable manner, especially with food.⁣

There is no quick fix to this, especially the longer the bad habit.⁣

But once you learn correctly, you will have a completely different relationship with food and yourself, for the rest of your life.⁣

Even when you’re eating a relaxed meal, still place special care on FOOD QUALITY.

I promise if you do this, you will take your health, body and happiness to a whole new level. 

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