Some home truths about long term fat loss

Having stayed in shape for over 20 years, but made so many mistakes along the way, I stand by the below…⁣

Pain will get you started but without pleasure in the process, the goal you first imagined, will never feel as good when you get there.⁣

And unless it’s your job (eg. Bodybuilder) – without enjoyment in how you train & the foods you eat, you will never stay in shape afterwards.⁣

Trying to achieve record lows with your weight or body fat that you’ve never hit before, isn’t easy.⁣

Trying to then stay there is even harder.⁣

Any coach who says otherwise is full of shit.⁣

Especially the longer you have been out shape, and living lean doesn’t feel natural right now within your identity.⁣

But it doesn’t have to be torture.⁣

What makes it harder is if you are bored with the way you train, and not eating the foods that give you more food per calorie or lift your energy.⁣

Being in an environment that supports your goals is essential too.⁣

My Built To Last programme takes care of all of this and is built on 100% honesty with every point of communication. ⁣

I continually ask clients to demand more from themselves, doing what’s required to progress but plan rewards along the way too. ⁣

Think about other key areas in life you’re successful & happy?⁣

Whether it’s your businesses, relationships or children…they all require work, time and enjoyment, in and with them for sustained growth and happiness.⁣

Whether it’s these or your abs, when it’s all said and one, it’s never about what you get that matters.⁣

Its the day to day love for the process that helps you become a better person – that helps give the best of you to others, where the winning is really made.You can tell yourself a hundred reasons why you can’t work out, get fit or lose weight. ⁣Or just accept that you are where you are, you put yourself there & its your job to get yourself out of it. ⁣⁣