7 TO DO’s – to get stronger without getting fat

1. Train with varied Tempo: at-least 2 of my weekly sessions are centred around slower negatives ⁣

2. Vary rep ranges: all of my workouts have a different intention ⁣

3. Small wins every month: 1% stronger each week is progress, over a year this will bring a lot of progress…too many jump up too soon with shitty form ⁣

4. Train your glutes, hamstrings and back more: a must especially if you are over weight or suffer with back pain⁣

5. Train full body with compound exercises at the heart of every session: I do some form of squat, hip hinge deadlift, glute bridge, back row every session)⁣

6. Be consistent: never skip sessions…you cannot expect your body to change if you are not working it⁣

7. Patience: the longer you have been out of shape/weak, the longer it takes to get in shape and be as strong as you want to be⁣

If you are stuck, it’s likely that what got you to where you are, won’t get you to where you want to be…(or read point 7 again)⁣

It’s very easy to add more size/strength by simply eating more food, but it’s also very easy to accumulate body fat quickly if your food isn’t on point. ⁣

If like my clients you want to be in shape, strong and YEAR ROUND, train with more structure.