How to stay in shape and motivated

I have been asked this a hell of a lot over the years…⁣

How have I stayed in shape for so many years, whilst eating my famous Sunday Special feeds? (and more some weeks)⁣

I could of course go into ridiculous detail with this question – what I eat, how I train etc ⁣

But let me just focus on a few key words:⁣


That goes far beyond me wanting to look good, especially at the age of 38 with business and working towards freedom for my family the priority now. ⁣

I want to live longer, experience the rest of my life with as much energy as possible and be an example to my children one day that looking after your yourself and health will support all of their professional and personal dreams.⁣

This is what I think of when I feel less motivated to train, eat healthy or ever felt like my daily standards start to slip. ⁣

And before you think ‘boring’ – if you have followed me for a while you know I can drink and eat with the best of them.⁣

But now at the right times…and never at the expense of my mission for myself, my clients, and vision for my family. ⁣

So if you have let yourself go the past few years because of business, kids or any other excuse, ask yourself these questions:⁣

1. If I don’t improve my physical shape and health, how is this effecting those I love, holding me back from the life I wish to have and the person I want to become?⁣

2. If I was to improve my physical shape and health how would this benefit those I love even more, and improve the quality of my thoughts and life?⁣

When you are clear with your thoughts, you will be consistent with your actions.⁣

Finally – never leave a workout knowing you could have given more.

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