Ben fitness transformation

Ben Mackey

I played football with Kirk for Coventry City 10 years ago.

Since then, I have had constantly been in and out of the gym getting in good shape-and then losing focus and becoming out of shape within a month or two. I decided I really wanted to see myself get into the very best physical and mental shape possible-and knew I needed more knowledge in terms of training and nutrition, and also some extra motivation to do that.

I got back in touch with Kirk in October 2013 after seeing all his success from modelling & personal training. Since then, I never really looked back.

His knowledge and experience with everything-from training methods to nutrition, dealing with social events whilst dieting, to the proper rest needed etc. it is all just fantastic.

In January 2014, we decided to set myself a goal of booking in a fitness shoot for May that same year(once my football season was over). The pressure of knowing that I had to be at my best for a certain date was brilliant and it gave everything an extra purpose. In May I did my shoot and now have a portfolio that I am really proud of!

What you sometimes may not consider when thinking about getting in contact with Kirk to do a transformation or looking for help getting into shape, is the amount you learn along the way. It is not only about nutrition and training, but also about yourself mentally and physically. It is about what foods your body reacts the best to, and also what type of training and frequency is best for you.

Thanks Kirk, I definitely could not have done it without you mate!

I look forward to our next challenge! 🙂