Ethan Tanerner - Built to Last Programme

Ethan Taberner

“Throughout lockdown in 2020, I tried to look after my health as much as possible but wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted. I went into 2021 with a clear vision of achieving all the goals I had set myself, and getting myself in the best shape mentally/physically was one of them. I could see myself slipping with my daily standards as well as overall energy/mood, and didn’t want to wait for the gyms to open to take action. I had been following Kirk for some time after seeing the changes he had made for a close family member.

Before we kick started the programme, we evaluated my motivations, goals and commitment to making change.

Throughout the course of this 6 months I have drastically improved my physical, mental and professional performance. My knowledge on everything relevant to performance has developed massively, but my main take away would have to be on nutrition management. By maximizing my calories and types of food I take in, my moods, physical/professional performance, and energy within work has been the best it ever has before.

This isn’t your standard PT programme. I am surrounded by a team of experts. Be that physical, nutrition or personal development. Everyone within the group is committed to self development, push each other on and share the same elite mentality.

Although I can now use what I have to help myself independently, I will definitely be remaining in the ‘Built to Last’ group. We have set out new goals and I will be surrounded by like minded individuals looking to develop, and push themselves consistently.”