Ryan Goody - Improved body composition

Ryan Goody

I have worked with Kirk for over three years now after initially seeking out his help for some diet advice and structure to improve my overall body composition. I did not initially intend to work with Kirk long term-or have many personal training sessions with him-as I was an experienced gym user, who wasn’t lacking motivation or commitment to visit the gym and train hard.

After initially getting to know Kirk, I couldn’t help but be drawn to his endearing personality. The man always has a positive energy and vibe, I’m sure anybody who has worked with Kirk or knows him personally, will be able to confirm that he has a unique way of radiating that positive energy onto people he interacts with.

His knowledge on training and exercise execution is first class. In the three years I have known him he has continually attempted to improve his own knowledge, through education and continued professional development. By doing this he ensures his clients are coached to the highest of standards. He is a great motivator inside the gym who knows how to get the best out of myself and other clients I have seen him train.

He always gives great attention to detail when it comes to discussing preferred nutritional choices and always carefully adapts any exercise programmes to reflect your specific goals and requirements.

Throughout the time I have known Kirk he has always been reliable and dependable. He has scheduled telephone and gym based appointments with myself, returned my calls in a timely manner and has always been willing to answer any queries or questions I have over texts, which has been very reassuring and useful for me personally, as it can be difficult at times to remember everything you wanted to ask during scheduled appointments.

With my hard work ethic, willingness to listen and learn in order to continually improve under his guidance, I have managed to consecutively get into the best physical shape of my life over the past three years.

As a coach and personal trainer I cannot recommend Kirk highly enough. He is a great person, who is very honest and somebody you can relate to as he walks the walk as well as talking the talk. If you have the desire and work ethic, he will get absolutely anybody into shape-I have no doubt about that.

I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Kirk and even more thankful that I have gained a friend through the process. I look forward to setting new goals in the future and achieving them as a team under his guidance.