Top 10 tips a stronger mindset

I have had many lessons and challenges in my life to date. But all of these have given me an insane amount of growth, especially in 1 key area. ⁣


I have never felt more resilient when faced with a problem, and perseverance is now drilled into my character. ⁣

Here are 10 of my tips to help you feel the same:⁣

1. Plan your week – If you are easily triggered, stressed and reactive (especially with food/booze/news). Project manage yourself the way you do your business. You will be in a proactive state, make better decisions and control your emotions.⁣

2. Get a coach in any area that you want to upgrade your standards in – mine Phil Graham is world-class, and the community that comes with it. Being accountable to someone will keep you focused year-round.⁣

3. Be more disciplined not motivated – motivation in anything comes from seeing progress, what creates progress is being consistent with the process.⁣

4. Monitor your energy levels daily – when your energy levels are through the roof make a note of what/who/where your focus is, what you are doing more of, what foods you have eaten, and how you are managing your life…DO MORE OF THIS ⁣

5. Respect sleep more – deprivation in this area causes mental fatigue, poor performance/eating habits & contribute to anxiety ⁣

6. Journal – you cannot fail to improve your mindset when you are continually self-reflecting your productivity, lessons, wins and mission⁣

7. Surround yourself and communicate more, with people who are optimistic, and have the traits and values you like or aspire to have. Remove anyone who is the opposite. Who you are around you become. ⁣

8. Always be HONEST with yourself – you cannot get yourself out of any hole, if you make excuses or blame others for how you are feeling. Nobody can control how you choose to feel. ⁣

9. Exercise daily – it doesn’t have to be hardcore, but walk as a minimum, even when you don’t want to. When you are physically fit, you keep your mind sharp.⁣

10. Practice gratitude – the best form of medicine any time you feel low. Say thank you more.⁣

Identify the one to three things you think would help you most right now.

Then get to work ACTIONING!

The more times you follow through on doing what you say you will do, the more confident you will become.

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