Embrace Change to Fulfil Your Six Human Needs

Embarking on a health transformation requires a spark of change from within. This is driven by understanding the intricate links between our personal life, career, relationships, and how these influence our overall health and eating habits.

Consider Scott, a business owner whose life and health was gradually being impacted by his comfort zone. Lacking a daily structure, the wellbeing of his business and personal life began to deteriorate. 

In his words, “I became too comfortable with being comfortable & knew I needed to change that.”

However, by coaching him through various aspects of what he really needs, Scott was able to critically assess his habits, cultivate changes, and rediscover his motivation for his business, health, fitness, and familial relationships. His journey exemplifies how embracing internal change can have powerful external implications.

Unravelling the Six Human Needs

At the heart of our lifestyle choices lie the ‘Six Human Needs.’ These needs, as outlined by psychology and self-help experts, are the invisible forces that shape our behaviours. They are:

  1. Certainty/Comfort: We all need comfort and predictability in our lives. However, when this need is too dominant, we may find ourselves stuck in a comfort zone, reluctant to change unhealthy habits.
  1. Uncertainty/Variety: While we crave certainty, we also need variety to stimulate and enrich our lives. This could manifest in seeking out new healthy recipes or experimenting with different workout routines, promoting healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes.
  1. Significance: Feeling special and important is a fundamental human need. However, when one seeks validation externally rather than internally, it can lead to self-esteem issues. This need should encourage us to find significance in personal growth and our journey towards better health.
  1. Love and Connection: Everyone yearns for connection and love. When we lack it, we may resort to emotional eating or unhealthy habits for temporary comfort.
  1. Growth: A sense of progress and growth is vital for our mental health. In the context of health and fitness, we must feel like we are advancing, whether it’s seeing our strength increase, dropping body fat, or noticing improvements in our eating habits.
  1. Contribution: Giving back, be it to society, family, or friends, brings fulfilment. Adopting a healthy lifestyle can empower us to better contribute to our community.

Your Life, Your Change

Your health and well-being are not isolated aspects of your existence, but instead are intricately linked to every dimension of your life. Whether it’s your relationships, your career, or the way you respond to change, everything reflects on your health.

The first step towards improvement is recognising this intricate connection. Start by evaluating your relationships and friendships. Are they fulfilling, nurturing, and supportive? Or are they sources of stress and negativity? Do they meet your human needs of certainty, variety, significance, love, connection, growth, and contribution? If not, it might be time to reassess. Establish boundaries, communicate openly, and don’t shy away from seeking professional help if needed.

Similarly, take a deep look at your work life and career. Are you satisfied and happy, or are you merely clocking hours? Remember, a discontent work environment can lead to negative emotions that trigger unhealthy habits. Consider what changes you can implement to bring about a shift. Can you explore new opportunities, set positive challenges, or perhaps expand your business?

However, the real magic happens when you muster the courage to make a change. This could mean tough decisions like breaking away from relationships or jobs that do not serve your well-being. As Scott’s story tells us, embracing change can lead to transformative outcomes.

Finally, the power to instigate these changes lies within you. It’s time to stop postponing difficult conversations or changes and confront what’s holding you back. Reflect on your life, identify the areas that need a change, and act on it. This introspection can act as your guide, leading you towards healthier habits and an improved lifestyle.

Remember, it’s your life, and you have the power to mould it as per your needs. Achieving a healthier lifestyle is a journey of change and courage, and every step counts.

Embrace Change, Create Lasting Health

The journey to improved health and lifestyle starts with recognising the need for change and fostering the courage to step outside your comfort zone. For my client, Scott, I got him to use the Six Human Needs framework to embrace changes that led him to a healthier lifestyle, revitalised business, and fulfilled family life. 

“I now wake up every morning with gratitude, energy, focus and excitement for getting things ticked off throughout the day.”

See Scott’s body transformation here >

And, just like it was for Scott, this transformation is within your grasp. The “Built to Last” programme is designed to guide you on this journey, where we tailor the program to suit your unique requirements, helping you improve your eating habits, drop body fat, and ensure that your transformation is truly “built to last”.

Courage over comfort is the key to significant changes in your health and lifestyle. So, let’s begin this transformation together. Embrace change, be brave, and let’s create a healthier, happier you. Reach out to me today – it will be the best investment you can make for your health and future.

What’s Next?

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