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Mustafa Sener is optimising his health in his 50's

Mustafa Sener

Mustafa Sener is a global business leader from Germany, married with 2 beautiful children.⁠ He has always been motivated…⁠⁠Has always been disciplined…⁠⁠He just didn’t know how to optimise his training, eating or lifestyle management around his personal and professional commitments. “I have always valued health and loved exercise, but after 20 years plus travelling around …

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David Myers dropped 32 pounds of fat

David Myers

Global business owner & world renowned chef David drops 32lbs of fat whilst in full LA lockdown. “This incredible journey with kirk began during the craziest period In my life, Covid lockdown. I decided early on to set out 3 big goals for myself that I can control & achieve during this period. As life …

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Viktoriya Ivanova

‘Before reaching out to Kirk, I always failed to maintain consistency. I would always revert back to old habits & then struggle to find motivation to start again. I had tried A LOT of ‘diets’ & didn’t eat enough when trying to get in shape. So could never sustain results which really affected my energy, …

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Dean Papadopoullos

‘I’ve never been overweight & have always valued my health & enjoyed exercise, but for most of adult life, I struggled with a back injury that stopped me from playing football aged of 25 & didn’t allow me to exercise properly without the worry of doing more damage. After seeing countless physios & specialists, I …

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John Hockaday

“2019 I weighed 89kg. I felt fit but fat as I’ve always worked out – down the gym several times a week, but never looked after my diet. Covid came, ‘Wine O’Clock’ was getting earlier every day & I felt worse than ever. I saw what a friend achieved with someone called Kirk Miller. I …

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John Brown

“I am really proud to say that with my 50th birthday just six months away, I’ve achieved a pretty incredible body transformation that if I’m honest, even I didn’t think I’d ever get to. A year ago, I took up my first global sales leadership role, which I had to step up my game for, …

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