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Gerard Flynn

The INCREDIBLE entrepreneur, family man and legend Gerard Flynn, 3 biggest takeaways in BTL 📝 LIFESTYLE SHIFT ✅ “I came looking for Abs. I soon realised this isn’t an 8 week gimic” ✅ “It’s a maintainable lifestyle shift for the long term, with a change in your overall physical and mental habits.” ✅ “Anyone can …

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James Marks

“Before I joined Kirk’s ‘Built To Last’ program, I had been experimenting with various trainers and their routines for quite some time.⁠⁠I reached out to Kirk seeking advice on improving my performance, and that’s when he introduced me to an entirely new approach to training.⁠ His insights and guidance opened my eyes to a new …

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Nick Guck

“I’ve always been a highly driven individual in my career, but came to BTL lacking focus in my fitness goals following major surgery in the year. ⁠⁠I was in decent shape but needed to regain focus, identify clear goals and put in place some structure to achieve them. ⁠⁠Beyond the pure body transformation, like many …

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Antonio Gallieri

“Since I’ve been part of Built To Last, I am a new person.⁠⁠I am reborn! Confidence, mindset, control of food and lifestyle has been taken to a different level.⁠⁠After a career in professional football years ago, I have been searching to find a peer group that held the same standards.⁠⁠The BTL plan, coaching support and …

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Mustafa Sener is optimising his health in his 50's

Mustafa Sener

Mustafa Sener is a global business leader from Germany, married with 2 beautiful children.⁠ He has always been motivated…⁠⁠Has always been disciplined…⁠⁠He just didn’t know how to optimise his training, eating or lifestyle management around his personal and professional commitments. “I have always valued health and loved exercise, but after 20 years plus travelling around …

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David Myers dropped 32 pounds of fat

David Myers

Global business owner & world renowned chef David drops 32lbs of fat whilst in full LA lockdown. “This incredible journey with kirk began during the craziest period In my life, Covid lockdown. I decided early on to set out 3 big goals for myself that I can control & achieve during this period. As life …

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